Find out if a used car is a good deal or not, BEFORE YOU BUY IT!

Whether buying a used car from a dealership, auction or private party, people EVERYWHERE gain confidence in their ability to choose the right car after watching our videos, even if they know very little about cars or how they work.

Sharing knowledge from our past auto wholesaling careers through these videos, we will show you what issues and problems can be hiding under the hood, all while using cars that we bought from dealer auctions as ‘live’ examples. Back when we were buying and selling cars at the dealer auctions, we learned how to take in a car with our eyes and feel it with our fingers, so that within a matter of thirty seconds to a minute, we were able to assess if it was a good buy or not. No one else shares this type of information with as much attention to detail as we do. You will be happy to have us on your team.

You are not charging enough for your product.  You won’t believe what kind of bombs me and my wife just walked away from.  Your advice on title checks alone is worth the cost of the program.  I saved so much time researching cars before calling the owners or dealerships.  In addition, using your checklist on the cars we did go to look at saved us so much money that we would have otherwise invested in a new car or spend on needed repairs.  We even showed some owners what they needed to fix.  We found transmission fluid leaks, empty coolant reservoirs, crusty oil caps, burnt oil, rubber bushings and boots that need to be replaced, check engine lights that were on. I am super confident in my ability to look at a used car because of your program, I almost feel like a professional now. Thanks so much! A. Wilkins

We explain everything you need to know when it comes to Inspecting and Buying a Used Car or Truck.

We start guiding you from the moment you walk up to the vehicle, showing how to INSPECT the Engine, Braking System, Dash Lights, Exhaust Smoke, Exterior Lights, Interior Controls and Suspension, as well as how to look out for Flood Damage, Tire Safety, Titles & Research and overall Vehicle Safety. We also show how to listen for Engine Problems, find Previous Accident Damage, and show how to do a Complete Test Drive, with specialized focus on the Transmission (both manual and automatic).

Let us help YOU to NOT BECOME another used car buying horror story.

Go ahead, take us for a test drive!

The Videos


  • Watch it NOW – Download ALL Videos
  • Vehicle Check List and Rating System
  • ‘How to Negotiate a Used Car Deal’ eBook

You Guys Rock… Your used car buying guide videos are absolutely second to none. I have bought (and sold) over 30 used cars for my family over the years (I have 10 children, we have 5 of those cars and trucks in the driveway right now :-) and thought I knew a fair bit about how to do this, but I have learned tons from your videos. Absolutely top notch in every respect. Your videos have given me the understanding I was looking for. It is a delight and a pleasure to do business with you. Very, very cool and helpful stuff. Now, I’m off to help my other driving daughter find a car to replace her minivan. Thanks again! Ron Tiemens

Here’s just a taste of the results you’ll get:

  • Know MORE ABOUT the CAR than the person SELLING IT.
  • Know how to spot a LEMON or a DEAL BREAKER
  • EASY to watch & understand VIDEO TUTORIALS
  • Know when a Vehicle is UNSAFE TO DRIVE
  • Learn if the car’s PITFALLS are MAJOR EXPENSES
  • Learn Tools that may SAVE YOU 1,000′s of DOLLAR$
  • Find a ‘fixer upper’ without BREAKING the BANK
Car Reality really does take all the guesswork out of buying a used car. I watched the all instant videos once. Then instead of looking like a ‘dumb blonde’ and being taken for a ride – I impressed a lot of people with how much I knew. I said NO to about 30 used cars that would haven given me major issues. Finally, I found the PERFECT car and was able to justifiably negotiate the price down. I feel like I saved thousands of dollars and a lot of splitting headaches.Thank you so much!!! ~ Jada Sun, LMT – Maui, HI
I didn’t think you could teach an old dog new tricks, but I have to say, my car buying confidence has just rung UP a few notches after watching all your videos. Over the past 8 years, I’ve either overpaid (because I didn’t know what I was looking at in terms of repairs) and lost money on cars that I purchased (due to those almost immediate and expensive repairs) in TOTAL excess of over $15,000. Just by spending $25 on your videos and the VCT, I could have easily avoided all those lousy car deals I made! I NOW know what I need to look out for when buying my next used car… and I can even look good the next time I take my lady out car shopping! ~ Willy Korp, 51, Computer Engineer – Scottsdale, AZ

I wanted to say THANKS again for all these wonderful tools. In the country that I live, people generally don’t care for their cars and a car check by a professional costs $120-150. Using your advice, the VCT and the Vehicle Inspection and Checklist, I was able to spot two “lemons” right away, with deal-breaking problems. I have ALREADY SAVED the MONEY I would have SPENT just taking them to a professional for an inspection! I am still searching for a good car, but I now know it is just a matter of time before I find one.

~ Thanks Again!  Alan K. – United Emirates


The Videos


  • Watch it NOW – Instantly Download ALL Videos from DVD
  • Vehicle Check List and Rating System – Download and Print
  • BONUS: ‘How to Negotiate a Used Car Deal’ eBook

The Buyout


  • Watch it NOW – Instantly Download ALL Videos from DVD
  • Vehicle Check List and Rating System – Download and Print
  • ‘How to Negotiate a Used Car Deal’ eBook
  • The VCT Magnet via mail
  • BONUS: Full Feature DVD via mail

Just because a vehicle has been in an accident…

Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy it!

When you are at the vehicle for sale, using our Vehicle Crash Tester will help you determine if the vehicle has been in any previous accidents that are serious enough for you to possibly be concerned about. Often there isn’t one obvious way to tell that the car is a basket case, but rather, several little things that, when taken together, become revealing. Click here to learn more about the VCT. Our Vehicle Inspection Checklist and Rating System aims to help you, the buyer, eyeball the car completely, so you can do a thorough inspection.  With the Vehicle Crash Tester in hand and our Vehicle Check List and Rating System completed, you now have powerful tools at your disposal to know if the vehicle is worth buying and if so, the knowledge to determine what issues you can negotiate price on!

ALL packages come with our eBook, “How to Negotiate a Used Car Deal”

THE FACTS ARE CLEAR: An informed used car buyer, who knows HOW to inspect a used car, will not only have more confidence when buying a used car deal, but will also be left with fewer surprises after driving away in a used car they have just purchased. NOW it is time for some negotiating…

Many people are afraid to ‘negotiate’ when buying a used car, simply because they are over-awed by pushy car sales people. Even an average person selling their used car may be intimidating, especially if they are hiding something. THOSE DAYS ARE OVER! We address this problem by sharing what we have learned through negotiating prices on both sides of buying and selling used cars to dealers and the general public.

With every purchase below, we give you our eBook “How to Negotiate a Used Car Deal Without Getting Ripped Off.” It will help you access your own healthy negotiating powers by teaching you some simple tools to assist in getting the very best deal, whether buying from a Dealership or Private Owner. You no longer have to be intimidated by this part of buying a used car just because you don’t know how to negotiate or simply have not been effective at it.


Our goal is to EMPOWER YOU to make WISE CHOICES when shopping for a used car. We have no other agenda than to make sure you have what it takes to buy a great used car. I trust that this will be money well spent, once you take the time to educate yourself before you jump into the (sometimes intentionally deceptive) world of used car buying. WE GUARANTEE IT. If you feel that we did not deliver on our promise on any of our products, just let us know within 30 days of purchasing it for a full refund. If you bought something that was shipped out to you, you will need to ship it back, at your cost, in ‘like new’ condition. Once we receive it, we will credit you a refund, minus our original shipping to you.

If a complete stranger offered you a FREE CAR, I imagine you would be a bit skeptical. Well, the same should true for all the FREE car buying advice out there, a lot of which comes from the car dealerships themselves. The truth is that most FREE sources never reveal the nuts and bolts of what you truly need to know when inspecting a used car. Our instantly downloadable videos help you go out there and choose a GREAT vehicle for yourself, on or off the lot. Yes, these products  cost a little bit of cash… but that ain’t nearly as expensive as you going out there and buying a used car without this knowledge, just so you save $20 bucks. ~ Wishing you all the BEST! Tanja, owner of