Do IT Yourself

For those who already have a car... and want to know a few tricks of the trade.

Do YOU have a BMW Twisted Seat?

This DIY Repair below will take around an hour and cost less than $40.

  • BMW Seat Repair Video: Instant Download
  • This method will repair ONLY BMW 5 & 7 Series: 1983-2003

Meet our Mentors

The autos you see below are a third of the vehicles that we bought and/or sold. At the dealer auctions, we learned how to take in a car with our eyes and feel it with our fingers, so that within a matter of thirty seconds to a minute, we were able to assess if it was a good buy or not. These are just some of the techniques we teach you in our videos.

Roll your mouse over the photos below and you will find that each car has its own story…