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Hi Tanja,
The info in your program is good - so many things I never would have thought to look for -- in fact it just reinforces the need to have a vehicle checked out by a mechanic b4 buying.
~ Thanks! Chris B. - Illinois, USA

When I watched these videos, I was amazed! Here are the Keys to the Kingdom, in such a simple, easy to understand system that anyone can use it to determine if a car was good or bad...Even my mother-in-law ran outside and started checking her car after she watched this DVD! What you have in front of you is the only tool you will need to buy a used car with confidence and you’d be crazy to not snatch it up immediately!

~ Marty Claywell, 44, Certified Porsche Master Mechanic – Surprise, AZ

You won't believe what kind of bombs me and my wife just walked away from... Your advice on title checks alone is worth the cost of the program. I saved so much time researching cars before calling the owners or dealerships.

In addition, using your Vehicle Inspection Checklist on the cars we did go to look at SAVED US SO MUCH MONEY that we would have otherwise ended up spending on needed repairs (that would have slipped by us), when we would have rather invested it into a new car. You are SERIOUSLY not charging enough for your product!

We even showed some owners what they needed to fix! We found: transmission fluid leaks, empty coolant reservoirs, crusty oil caps, burnt oil, rubber bushings and boots that need to be replaced, check engine lights that were on.

I am super confident in my ability to look at a used car because of your program. I almost feel like a professional now.

~ Thanks so much! A. Wilkins

Watch it NOW - Download ALL Videos

Vehicle Check List and Rating System

‘How to Negotiate a Used Car Deal’ eBook

This is our DVD broken down into bite-sized videos so it can be easily downloaded and watched immediately.

The videos you purchase here are in high quality and look totally different than the quality hosted on

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As a woman, buying an affordable used car was intimidating. I found these videos very valuable and it was comforting to have both male and female instructors. I certainly feel more confident to go out and buy a used car, because NOW I know what to look out for… there are so many great tips and negotiation points and the Vehicle Check List makes it SUPER EASY TO REMEMBER ALL OF THEM! The cost of the product pays for itself immediately ~ 100 times it’s value from what I saved by NOT buying BAD cars!

~Mahalo Nui Loa,  Tarini B, Entrepreneur, Hawaii

I bought a used SUV for $7,000 from a lady who was some sort of business professional and she seemed very trustworthy. When I handed over the money for her vehicle, she gave me an 'official' Bill of Sale that she had signed and it was notarized by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), along with a promise to send me the title in a couple of days.
Two years later, I still hadn't received the title. Turns out there was a lien on it. I thought I was going to have to buy a new car, because I was not able to locate the owner & have the lien released. I ordered the How to Buy a Used Car DVD and watched the Title Research Chapter, which helped me finally get the title in my hands, saving me $7,000 plus court costs. And now I know ALOT more about cars when it comes to the next time I am in the market. I am beyond Thank YOU! You are the best!

~ Vanessa G., 25, Single Mom – Phoenix, AZ

After my past 18 years in the Auto Body Industry, I have to say that I am truly impressed with the knowledge that is presented in these videos. My girlfriend had me watch them with her and all I could think of was how I wished I could have recommended this website to my past customers whose vehicles were wrecked and a total loss. The details that are covered would have made their car buying experiences so much better than some of the terrible stories I had to hear afterwards. You guys rock!

~ Douglas Ross, 43, Formerly the manager @ Prestigious Auto Body; @ Superior Collision; @ Precision Auto Body; @ Superior Brake & Alignment - all in Santa Barbara, CA.

Car Reality really does take all the guesswork out of buying a used car. I watched the all instant videos once. Then instead of looking like a 'dumb blonde' and being taken for a ride - I impressed a lot of people with how much I knew. I said NO to about 30 used cars that would haven given me major issues. Finally, I found the PERFECT car for me and was able to justifiably negotiate the price down. I feel like I saved thousands of dollars and a lot of splitting headaches. Thank you so much!!!

~ Jada Sun, LMT - Maui, HI

I didn’t think you could teach an old dog new tricks, but I have to say, my car buying confidence has just rung UP a few notches after watching all your videos. Over the past 8 years, I’ve either overpaid (because I didn't see the hidden problems) or lost money on cars (due to immediate and expensive repairs) in TOTAL excess of over $15,000. Just by spending $25 on your videos, the Vehicle Inspection sheet and the VCT, I could have easily avoided all those lousy car deals I made. I now know what I need to look out for when buying my next used car... and I'll even look good the next time I take my lady out car shopping!

~ Willy Korp, 51, Computer Engineer – Scottsdale, AZ

You Guys Rock... Your used car buying guide videos are absolutely second to none. I have bought (and sold) over 30 used cars for my family over the years (I have 10 children, we have 5 of those cars and trucks in the driveway right now 🙂 ) and thought I knew a fair bit about how to do this, but I have learned tons from your videos. Absolutely top notch in every respect.

The same goes for the BMW twisted seat videos. They are worth every penny. I have viewed every last free video by others on this topic on youtube, and they are seriously deficient for, among other things, by failing to clarify or even state the nature of the problem, and then leaving significant steps out of the repair process. The free youtube videos on BMW seat twist are a waste of time.  I don't want to even start on the repair to my daughter's BMW unless I completely understand the problem. Your videos have given me that understanding.

Very, very cool and helpful stuff.  It is a delight and a pleasure to do business with you. Now, I'm off to help my other driving daughter find a car to replace her minivan.

~ Thanks again! Ron Tiemens

Watch it NOW - Download ALL Videos

Vehicle Check List and Rating System

‘How to Negotiate a Used Car Deal’ eBook

This is our DVD broken down into bite-sized videos so it can be easily downloaded and watched immediately.

The videos you purchase here are in high quality and look totally different than the quality hosted on

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The autos you see below are a third of the vehicles that we bought and/or sold. At the dealer auctions, we learned how to take in a car with our eyes and feel it with our fingers, so that within a matter of thirty seconds to a minute, we were able to assess if it was a good buy or not. These are just some of the techniques we teach you in our videos.

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